How Can I Use People To Enhance My E-Commerce Photography?

Aug 28, 2023 | 0 comments

E-commerce photography aims to deliver images that attract consumers to a website, product or service. As commercial photographers or e-commerce photography studios, we have a great deal of freedom in terms of what we use to achieve the best possible results.

We can use different locations, props, other products, editing and more to tell the very best story in every shot. However, one of the most powerful and flexible tools at our disposal is people. This article looks at some of the best ways we can use a person in a product photography project.

Use scale to help your product photography

In the world of product photography, it is almost always important to represent the scale of the subject. For example, you may want the viewer to be able to see the size of an item of clothing and how it fits someone. This is where learning to work with models becomes vital for a commercial photographer or e-commerce photography studio.

When you have a person or people in the shot, you can have them using the product, being part of the scenery or helping to tell the brand’s story. If you work in an outdoor location, it may be that members of the public help with scale. Furthermore, making sure to think about the focal length and placement of the product and people in the shot will help deliver the very best images for your project.

Bring your image to life and add movement

As commercial photographers, we face the continuous challenge of bringing a still product to life. No matter whether it is a car, drink, watch or item of clothing we want to connect with the audience and the very best way to do this is to bring the image to life.

People are one of the most effective tools for this, alongside location. By getting someone to appear as if they are using the item, you will create a feeling that the item is part of a lifestyle or experience.

In very much the same vein as bringing an image to life, a person has the ability to add a feeling of motion or movement to a product photography image. This is particularly important for e-commerce photography projects within the vehicle, food and fashion industries.

Enhance your storytelling and connect with the audience

The purpose of product photography is to tell a story and to connect with the target audience. One of the very first things a commercial photographer will do on a project is to work with the client to understand who the audience is, what story they wish to tell and what the ultimate goal is.

When it comes to the photoshoot, a person or people becomes one of the most effective ways for a commercial photographer to tap into that story. It may be that the person is using the product as part of a scenario or moment in their life, such as celebrating a birthday or getting ready for work.

Furthermore, if you use a person who is able to represent or connect with the target audience, then it comes easier for that audience to visualise using the product and feel like they belong to the brand.

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