Getting Creative With Product Photography

Working in product photography can be exciting and a lot of fun. In the pursuit of the perfect image for your clients or personal e-commerce store, you have the chance to get creative and push the boundaries. We’ve put together some of the top creative ideas for all forms of product photography including jewellery and clothing photography.


The concept of motion in photography can take many forms, whether it is someone in the middle of running, water pouring out of a jug or waves crashing in the background of your shot. What all of these have in common is it makes a static product or model pop out at the customer, engaging with them and helping to bridge that connection or brand relationship.


Using models is particularly common in clothing photography but there is no reason why you can’t use them in all forms of product photography. In fact, incorporating people into a shot means you can get creative with how a product is used, the colours of clothing or backgrounds and fun lifestyle shots. Perhaps you have a really fun party product to sell? So why not set up a scene of people celebrating at a party with your product centre stage.


Getting creative with reflections is a fantastic way of taking glass products such as drinks or perfume and adding layers of intrigue and expression. You can also get some interesting results by using reflective surfaces, choosing unusual angles and playing with the lighting. You will be surprised at the results you can achieve and some of our most favourite product images utilise reflection.

Grouping Products

If you’re working in product photography, then it is likely you will be photographing a product that is part of a collection of products that tell a story. For example, you may be working with a furniture retailer that is selling a sofa, table, tv stand, blinds and lighting. If this is the case, then you can get truly creative by grouping products into a scene. Not only does this allow you to tell a story or show how they complement each other but it helps to show perspective on size and colour.


One of our favourite ways to get creative in product photography and that is using humour. In the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, many companies are turning to funny, random or silly images. These are a great way to relate to younger audiences and to stand out from the crowd but it is important to remember you are still wanting to highlight your product. Don’t lose sight of that when designing a hilarious photoshoot!

Vibrant Colours

Of particular importance in clothing photography, you may wish to try using vibrant colours, shapes and patterns to stand out. If you think about how many times a person will scroll through images of products, it can be easy to miss a plain, traditional image but if you can catch the eye in some way then you have a much better chance of turning this interest into a sale. Ultimately, that is the point of getting creative – finding ways to stand out and convert traffic into sales.