Do You Want Some Easy Outdoor Prop Ideas to Enhance Your Product Photography?

People working in product photography are always on the lookout for a quick and easy way to enhance the images they create. As a packshot photographer, you can deliver stunning results that really show off the subject by considering how you set up your outdoor shoot and what simple props you can include.

Adding backlight

A simple outdoor shot is often created by using front lighting and this is often a perfectly good choice. However, exploring the idea of backlight can provide a different perspective to a product photograph. Try switching where you’re taking the photograph from or the time of day to test out results and this is particularly good if you’re working in a field of product photography such as fashion.

Using the foreground

So you’ve thought about lighting for your outdoor shoot, often harder to do as a packshot photographer than indoor shoots where you have more control. Now is the time to consider utilising the foreground to create interest. Maybe you’re peeking through some bushes or the window of a property, surrounding your subject and adding interest.

Don’t waste space

In product photography, we never want to have empty and wasted space in a shot, as this means you won’t be making the most of your opportunity to create outstanding results. If you take a moment to check out your location and realise there is empty space then think about how you can use props or the environment around you to add colour or shape to the shot.

Get creative with props

There are so many prop ideas to choose from that we have created countless posts on the topic, but when it comes to outdoor shoots then there are some simple prop ideas that a packshot photographer should be aware of.


Utilising furniture in your outdoor shot is particularly useful for those that work in the fashion side of product photography, but it can be fantastic for other product types as well. Maybe you’re shooting a model and want to create some different shapes and perspectives for the dress they are wearing? In that case, ask them to sit down on a chair or at a bench and see what results you get. You can often get a more personal, emotive shot by using these props than compared to standing.


You can enhance your images with the flora that surrounds you and in product photography, using a small palm frond for example can creating some truly interesting shadows and patterns. You can also use the plants around you to frame the product or person in your shot, whilst keeping the product free of shadow. With such an abundance of free, easy to use props then it is an obvious choice that we should never forget about.


You may be undertaking a product photoshoot in an urban environment or at the offices of your client. If so, explore the buildings around you and use them as props in your image! They present a free, instantly accessible prop that you may not have been able to recreate yourself. Always remember to think about whether it enhances and adds value to your product photography or if it becomes a distraction.