Beauty Products – How to Perfect Your Product Photography

Jun 8, 2020

Beauty Products – How to Perfect Your Product Photography

The world of eCommerce is so heavily reliant on images because you only have a moment to grab someone’s attention and keep it, and if you can wow them with an incredible image then half of the battle has been won. When we then think about the beauty industry, this brings product photography into even greater focus, because the product being sold is all about being beautiful, feeling good and positivity.

Each and every brand will have a style they wish to portray and a lifestyle they relate to and it is important to be clear about this before you engage with a packshot studio or start taking photographs yourself. However, once you are ready to take the photos, there are some important rules to follow, in order to maximise sales.

Primary Image – White background only

This is the first image people will see and so has added importance, as well as added value. As a starting point, many online retailers, such as Amazon require your primary image to have a white background anyway, but when we think about good product photography, there is more to it than that.

  • It makes it a clean, simple image with the focus purely on the product
  • It removes any lifestyle or demographic from your branding
  • It provides consistency when you have multiple products on a page or in a listing
  • It will blend in with the majority of website backgrounds

Any packshot studio will understand this and have the skills and equipment to take truly effective and beautiful photographs of your products.

Supporting Images – Choose the ones that show off your product

It is very much dependant on how many images you’re able to show or wish to show about your product. If you think about any time you’ve shopped online, there are normally at least 2 or 3 supporting images, displaying different angles, internal features or packaging. Once again, this is where professional product photography comes into its own for beauty products and we’ve selected some of the top options for you to choose

The Packaging

There have been some truly iconic packaging designs over the years and customers will be drawn to that, as well as the product itself, particularly when spotting your product online or in physical stores. As a result, taking photos of your packaging is a great choice to make and builds on your brand image.

Comestic Smears

Utilising the concept of cosmetic smear photos adds another dimension to your product listings because it allows you to focus on the colour, texture and shape of the product itself. This comes into its own for products such as make-up.

There are two forms of the smear style product photography and they are stock, which is an opened product sat cleanly on a surface, with a view above it. The second is a custom, which is when you smear some of the product on a different service.

People Images

It is important to remember that people relate to people and they want to be able to picture themselves using your product. A model, whether it’s just their hand, or face is a fantastic way to show off the product, but remember to make sure that the model fits your customer profile and the image meets your brand in terms background and lighting.


Ultimately, beauty products really allow you to be creative, fun and different, but it is important to adhere to some basic rules of product photography, to ensure you maximise your sales and brand image. Any packshot studio will be able to take your ideas and vision and turn them into breathtaking images of your products.

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