Amazing Prop Ideas for Beverage Product Photography

Sep 19, 2021 | 0 comments

As a product photographer or packshot studio, you will likely have been involved in creating stunning product shots for a food and drink company. Equally, you may have wanted a fashion photoshoot to incorporate drinks into the story and there are some fantastic prop ideas out there to deliver excellent results. We’ve put together a selection that you will love!

The right type of glass

We start with the most obvious prop but also one that is so easy to get wrong! As a product photographer or packshot studio, you want to understand the exact style, shape and size of glass that perfectly fits your product and their brand.


You should remember that you may be targeting those in the industry who know the right type of glassware for a particular beverage and you want them to associate the brand with this knowledge. Take the time to learn about the product, do your research and then get testing to see whether you need a tumbler or stylish cocktail glass, or a collection to create the very best backdrop.

Product bottles

Some of the most engaging shots that a product photographer will be able to create will include the product bottles in the image. This has various benefits for a packshot studio wanting to deliver exceptional shots for their client.


If you’re working with spirits, such as vodka or whisky then you may want to show off the unique shape or design of the bottle. These can often tell a story about the brand and help people relate to the story. Likewise, if the brand doesn’t clearly tell the customers the type of drink, then having the bottle next to the glass helps to identify the particular spirit being advertised.

Cocktail utensils

One of the most fun types of product photography is when you get to work with cocktails. A product photographer or packshot studio who gets this opportunity will most definitely want to get a selection of cocktail utensils including a cocktail shaker.


These really do add to the story you are trying to create, helping to create shots of the cocktail being made or simply in the background to tell a more rounded story. There are some stylish options to choose from and it’s always important to remember that certain materials will cause reflections so consider how they best suit your planned photographs.

Other props and ideas

There is an extensive list of props you can choose from when commissioned to deliver product photographs of drinks. Think about drinks containers, serving jugs and decanters for example. These all have the ability to tell a story about the company and its products, whether a warm Christmas at home or an elegant party serving cocktails. You may wish to use trays or boards as props for where the drinks are placed, or perhaps to help group the drinks with food props depending on if it adds to the story or there are complementary products you can connect with.


Take a moment to understand the product, the brand and the customer and you will discover the exact props you need to deliver results.



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