Top Background Ideas For Your Jewellery Photography

Jul 20, 2020

Top Background Ideas For Your Jewellery Photography

Product photography can be a challenge at the best of times but when working with jewellery photography, there are some unique challenges to overcome. This is primarily because of the intense, focused nature of the shots involving intricate detail. One of the problems with highlighting this detail is that backgrounds can sometimes draw the attention away from the product itself and this is something you never want to happen. So take the time to think about types of background and how they fit best with your product.

White and Black Backgrounds

The most simple choices of background to go for, with white being by far the most popular choice for jewellery photography. The first most logical reason for choosing white is because some e-commerce platforms require it for the main product image, so you have no option. However, aside from the regulatory reasons, a plain white background keeps the focus entirely on the product itself and creates zero distractions. Consumer research has shown that the vast majority of online customers base their purchasing decisions on the product detail itself, so why draw their attention away from it.

Another simple option is a black background. Similar to white, it is a cheap and easy background to use for product photography at home but adds a different dimension to white backgrounds. This option will help to accentuate colours on jewellery or the reflective nature of certain materials such as metals. Add into the mix, its ability to hide shadow and imperfections, and you can see why it’s a popular choice.

Patterned and Textured Backgrounds

This range of backgrounds can be difficult to get right and has the potential for distraction, so tread carefully or work with a professional jewellery photography service. Backgrounds with patterns or textures can enhance the brand image and story, as well as add creativity to your photo. These may be more useful for more informal and fun jewellery such as children’s items or informal wear.

In terms of what patterns to go for, the classic options are colour combinations, as well as marble and granite. These may be added in during post-production as well, so you don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase extra equipment to achieve the same effect.

Themed Backgrounds

This is where you can begin to blur the lines between product promotion and brand promotion if done carefully and cleverly. For some, the brand name or logo can be just as powerful as the product itself and so you may wish to build that into the pattern in the background. Alternatively, props that relate to your brand image and story may be beneficial to add to the product. What is vitally important here is to not let anything draw the customers attention away from the product to the point it becomes detrimental. Go with the view that if you look at the image and it adds value, then use it. If you’re uncertain or get drawn to the background too much, then remove it and go with a simpler, cleaner option.


In summary, our advice to anyone considering jewellery photography is to brainstorm themes and ideas about your product and brand. Come up with what you wish to achieve and from there, think about the backgrounds that help turn your product into an incredible product that everyone will wish to buy.

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