Product Photography Training In House

Product Photography Training In House

We’re pleased to announce the development of a new service here at Freshpack Photo. As of this week we’ll be offering an in house product photography training package to our clients.  In house training is something we do get requests for fairly regularly and as we’re happy to oblige, we thought we may as well make it an official service!

If your business operations are expanding then product photography might be something you decide is better done in house than out. Our product photography in house training service is designed specifically for your company’s needs, and can include:

-Sourcing and choosing the right product photography equipment.

-Setting up and operating an in house product photography studio.

-Basic camera operation.

-Basic post production techniques.

-Work flow

-Sourcing and hiring the right photographer if necessary.

You will be trained by a photographer with a relevant university degree and accredited by the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

There are pros and cons to shooting your products in house. On the up side you might feel you can better over see the shoot if it’s going on at your premises, and streamline your business operations. On the down side we get A LOT of work from businesses that have tried and failed to do their product photography in house, usually using some kind of automated set up or seemingly cheap home photography kit. It might look simple but unless you’re using high quality equipment, operated by a well trained specialist product photographer (or someone trained by a well trained specialist product photographer!), the images of your products will quite simply not look good enough. Doing your product photography in house is usually only worth the investment of time and money if you know you’ll be producing a high volume of products consistently over a long period of time (i.e. thousands per month). Does that sound like you? If so get in touch for more information on this service now.