How to Achieve Consistency with your Product Photography

Aug 1, 2019

How to Achieve Consistency with your Product Photography

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – consistency is the single most important element of high quality product photography. It provides an essential sense of uniformity to enhance brand identity and makes browsing your collections a pleasurable experience for every potential customer. That being said, even some of the biggest brands make mistakes when it comes to their consistency and cut too many corners.

In order to create a strong sense of consistency with your product photography, you will need to use a professional with technical expertise to ensure the images are the same size with consistent angles and even lighting. A good photographer will also choose the most effective lens type and aperture to achieve the right effects.

Consistent Background

If you’re going for products with a cleaner background, then a white backdrop is usually the easiest way to attain consistency. It is also commonly used among many ecommerce brands with the cut out method and a pure white canvas background as this is creates versatile photos that can be used across any type of media.

However, styles have developed in recent times and brands are increasingly opting for alternative colours aligned with clever use of shadows to create interest without distracting from the product. Other popular background colours include dove grey and duck egg blue, while some brands might use a stronger, darker shade in line with their brand colours and desired aesthetic if this best reflects their product range. As long as you use the same colours throughout, then consistency will be all yours.

Making the Most of Lighting

You will also need to consider the best use of lighting, i.e. natural light or artificial light, as this is one of the most important markers of consistency. If you choose to shoot outside, always take your shots at the same time of day under similar weather conditions to minimise the risk of running into trouble during the editing process.

For lifestyle shots, invest in a professional product photographer that understands both the importance of styling and your own brand identity to convey your desired image whilst maintaining a strong sense of consistency, for example, by using a consistent type, colour and number of props.

Text Alignment

When it comes to the final parts of the process, you will need to ensure strong use of text, meaning that all product titles, prices, bullet points and wording are evenly aligned with consistent use of upper and lower case text as well as size, colour and consistent placement of banners.

A common myth is that achieving a uniform set of photographs cuts out the creative aspect, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Using effects such as reflective white laminate will add depth and that’s just one example. Your photographer can also utilise shadows, highlights, sharpening and saturation for optimum consistency.

The Best First Impression

Photos play a key role in your shoppers’ buying-decision process and you only get one chance at that all-important first impression. Creating a sense of consistency with your images will ensure that your brand instantly appeals to the audience to optimise click-through and conversion rates. Contact our team today for expert advice on how to create the highest-quality consistent product photography.

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