How 360 Product Photography Works

How 360 Product Photography Works

One of the biggest challenges when shopping online is making sure consumers can gain access to a full view of your products in all their glory. In the absence of the sensory experience where consumers in bricks and mortar stores can touch, hold, feel and smell the product, online shopping presents much more of a challenge. You’ve worked hard to create products to meet and exceed consumer expectations but how you can show them in their best light and draw the potential customer into a more engaging experience? With 360 degree product photography.

This will help the customer imagine they are holding the product in their hands and enhance their experience It is one of the best ways to overcome the disadvantage that online retailers have in comparison to physical stores and can work to boost conversions when done correctly. It will also help boost your rand above the competition as many eCommerce owners make the mistake of only using static photos and not making this important effort to really show off their product.

Establish a Sturdy Platform

One key question is whether you should snap your photos from every angle by physically moving yourself and your camera. This sounds like a clumsy way to do the job, and it is! Investing in a 360 degree turntable means your product will rotate while you can mount the DSLR camera securely on a tripod close to the object and snap the product as it moves. This ensures a seamless process without any distortion or blurriness in the images that is always a risk even when the camera is moved ever so slightly.

Let There Be Light

Use a lightbox (ideally) with the camera stood inside on a tripod or adjust the lighting accordingly to ensure there are no dark shadows or strange angles of light across your images. If your image may reflect the light, You want things as bright and uniform as possible  – stroboscopes are a great option or professional photography lights with umbrella attachments. You will also want to shoot on a white background without corners for the best impact.

Use a Creative Approach

360 degree photography is a wonderfully creative approach that does your products justice and shows the consumer every detail to both skyrocket conversions and minimise the risk of returns as there will be no surprises. It brings your products to life and gives your potential customers a far more realistic idea of the size, scale and different components of your collections, so they can best imagine using them in their day to day lives.

Our expert product photography team at FreshPack Photo use our 360 degree service as a proven way to convert ecommerce site hits into sales, improve the quality of your brand and modernise your website using experienced image makers that are compatible across all platforms. You have a very limited time to turn browsers into buyers – use it wisely! For more information and support with your 360 degree brand ambitions, contact us today.