Have you considered 360 product photography?

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Well now is the time to give it some thought, as we’re running a discount offer during May!


Our 360 product photography service was a revelation on its launch 8 years ago, and we were one of the first photography studios in the UK to adopt the technology, and still one of only a handful to use it.  360 product photography uses a sequence of images outputted on our dedicated software to produce an interactive image of your product. The viewer is able to rotate the item in the image around 360 degrees with a click of the mouse, viewing it from every angle and having the impression that they’re holding your product in the palm of their hands.


It is the ideal way show off your goods to potential customers online, and will really set you apart from competitors and give your brand a very cutting edge feel. Another benefit is to reduce the need for returns by offering a  life like experience of the look and feel  of your goods, and also the ability to show off multiple features or different angles in one image.  We’ve adapted the technology so ‘animations’, showing moving parts of your product, can be either included in your 360 image as it rotates, or a dedicated ‘animation’ of your product can be created where the item doesn’t rotate but instead  parts of it move as the viewer scrolls through the sequence.  Add to that the option of using our unique, customisable ‘hotspot’ feature that allows the viewer to open  separate window giving information on specific features of your item, and you have a very powerful and effective tool for selling online.


The best part of it all is that we’re offering a 15% discount on our 360 product photography service throughout May, so get in touch now to discuss your requirements.