Furniture and Large Item Photography

Freshpack Photo has a strong and growing reputation in the furnishing products industry as the ‘go to’ photography studio. From lifestyle shoots in modern city apartments and country manors, to cut outs for ecommerce sites and catalogues, we have an expansive portfolio of furniture product photography. These kind of shoots can be challenging though, furniture can easily appear dull and uninspiring when photographed, and a great amount of skill, experience and pre planning is necessary to get the shots that really sell products.

With our furniture clients in mind we launched our ‘mobile packshot studio’ service 3 years ago. It often runs alongide a lifestyle shoot and serves the purpose of capturing cut outs and packshots of products which are too large or too numerous to be transported to the studio. It is an extremely specialist area of the photography industry and one which we excel in. You can see a few of the results in the attached image.