How Do I Improve My Product Photography?

No matter whether you’re a novice product photographer, part of a big team or an experienced solo commercial photographer it is important to always strive to be better.

The question of how to improve product photography is one frequently asked and as a result, we’ve put together four key areas to think about along with some guidance on each. By striving to improve, a product photographer will be able to keep up with trends, improve their results and win more business in an increasingly competitive market.

Find new challenges to take part in

It may seem a little unorthodox and perhaps not relevant to your goals to develop as a product photographer but taking part in challenges is a fantastic method to aid development.

There are many to choose from, whether it is a themed challenge, weekly challenge or something over the space of a year. They get you exploring different topics, different locations, setting up a shot differently and hopefully learning some new skills. As a commercial photographer, all of these things aid in your development plus you get to have a bit of fun and sometimes gain some recognition.

Don’t rely on social media feedback

Social media forms an integral part of our marketing efforts as a product photographer and it is a wise move to utilise the various platforms. However, where we believe it can be detrimental to your development is when you’re looking for validation and feedback on your work.

Engagement rates, likes, comments etc are all a way to measure success but it can also come from those that aren’t your target audience and leave you questioning your value as a commercial photographer. Be sensible and avoid getting a host of mixed signals as it will stop you from developing as a photographer. Using a wide range of feedback channels including the photography community and clients will help you learn where to improve.

Find new training opportunities

All of us have the potential to learn new things and this is certainly true in the world of product photography. If we stand still and purely rely on existing skills then others around us will take steps forward and potentially cause you to lose clients.

There is such a wealth of resources available online that a product photographer could do a new course every day for the rest of their career. However, it is important to be targeted and think about what you need to improve next. This will help you build on existing skills and develop brand new ones in a way that will benefit your career.

Don’t just play it safe

It is always tempting to operate within your chosen area of product photography, staying in that safe zone that you know so well.

However, a product photographer or commercial photographer that takes a gamble on exploring new ideas, new aspects of photography or new opportunities, in general, will often find they develop quicker. This in turn will lead to greater potential for winning new business and building up a more engaging portfolio of work.